Lever heard of Fetal bovine serum but have no idea what that? Or maybe looking for a compact guide to walk you through everything you need to know about Heat Inactivated FBS? If these are what you are concerned about, this article is written for no one else but you. Check it out.  

Arguably, the true origins and purposes of the heat inactivation of fetal bovine serum is increasingly being obscured by the passive and mechanistic application of the practice in modern day laboratories. But what does it take to properly mediate these two seemingly parallel applications of the practice?

Before we dive in deep, here is quick sneak peek at what this article will be about:

The Basics: What is Fetal Bovine Serum?

What Necessitates the Heat Inactivation of Fetal Bovine Serum?

Other Practices Similar To heat Inactivation of FBS

Choosing The Most Suitable Fetal Bovine Serum for a Peculiar Culture Medium?