Sérum de chèvre normal

Sérum de chèvre normal
Product Specifications
Part Number34595
SourceChèvres, origine certifiée du Mexique
ComparutionLiquid, gold to amber, free of visible foreign matter, clots or precipitates
Filtration0.22 micron-filtered
Stockage< -20 C
Expiration1 year from date of manufacture
Protéines totales6.5 g/dL
Hémoglobine11.5 mg/dL
Bioburden< 10 CFUs/mL

Safety statement
Normal goat serum from healthy animals collected from facilities inspected by the competent authorities. All animals have received inspections by a licensed veterinarian and were certified free of contagious diseases. CAUTION: FOR USE IN RESEARCH OR REMANUFACTURE OF NON-INJECTABLE PRODUCTS NOT SUBJECT TO LICENSE UNDER PHS ACT SECTION 351, ONLY.

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