Normal Goat Serum

Normal Goat Serum
Product Specifications
Part Number34595
SourceGoats, certified origin from Mexico
AppearanceLiquid, gold to amber, free of visible foreign matter, clots or precipitates
Filtration0.22 micron-filtered
Storage< -20 C
Expiration1 year from date of manufacture
Total Protein6.5 g/dL
Hemoglobin11.5 mg/dL
Bioburden< 10 CFUs/mL

Safety statement
Normal goat serum from healthy animals collected from facilities inspected by the competent authorities. All animals have received inspections by a licensed veterinarian and were certified free of contagious diseases. CAUTION: FOR USE IN RESEARCH OR REMANUFACTURE OF NON-INJECTABLE PRODUCTS NOT SUBJECT TO LICENSE UNDER PHS ACT SECTION 351, ONLY.

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