AlphaBioGel Soft


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Catalog Number AC002
Product Name AlphaBioGel Soft
Storage -20°C
Product Format Frozen
AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002) is a biocompatible complex of type I collagen fibers that will help accelerate
the pace of your biomedical and cell/3D tissue engineering applications.
AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002) contains our high quality, sterile type I rat tendons collagen, which has been
specially formulated for ease of gel formation. Once in a 3D tissue model, the AlpaBioGel Soft (AC002)
will not break of tear apart easily when stretched. AlpaBioGel Soft (AC002) can also be flow able,
allowing it to be readily used as an injectable, biocompatible drug delivery matrix on animal’s models. To
control release of your drug, it is necessary to bind your active agent to AlphaBiogel Soft (AC002), either
by covalent or non-covalent bonds, or by sequestering in a secondary matrix.Other potential
applications of AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002) are as orthopedic adhesives via their swelling ability, as gene
delivery complexes. We are sure that the high quality and convenience of our AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002)
product will improve the performance of your biomedical and cell/3D tissue culture applications.
AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002) is an ideal matrix for growing fibroblast primary hepatocyte culture and great
for growing smooth muscle cells. You will be able to get really nice adipogenesis with MSCs using our
AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002). For cell/tissue applications that require a more rigid or a less porous matrix,
try our AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002) product.
Everything should be kept cold to avoid the AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002) solidifying and avoid air bubbles.
This protocol is based on a 6 well plates.

1) Thaw your AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002) sample bottle at room temperature or in a 37°C water bath
2) Keep inverting bottle every minutes to prevent gelation of product. When you see a small
amount of ice left in your sample, transfer the bottle into an ice bath. It is important to keep
AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002) on ice since it will solidify at temperature above 8°C
3) Place a sterile magnetic stir bar in a sterile beaker
4) Place plate containing ice on a stir plate
5) Place the sterile beaker containing the stir bar on the ice bath
6) Pour you AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002) into the beaker carefully, try to avoid air bubbles
7) Slowly start stirring AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002)
8) Add your wanted media to the AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002). Judge the pH visually by the phenol
red in the media, and your cell suspension.
9) Pipette your wanted volume of the mixture into each well
10) Let 6-well plate sit at room temperature for 10-15 minute before placing in the incubator
11) One hour later add your wanted volume of media on top of each AlphaBioGel Soft (AC002) (2-
12) Use within 1 week, change media every 2 days or as needed.