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Catalog Number PG-003
Product Name AlphaBioGel
Storage -20°C
Product Format Frozen
In classic tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research combines cells and scaffolds, induced
to growth with biochemical and mechanical stimuli, in a laboratory setting for organ repair and
replacement, AlphaBioGel (PG-003) composed extracellular matrix (ECM) fibrous protein molecules
secreted by cells. AlphaBioGel (PG-003) provides structural and biochemical support to the surrounding
cells in 3D tissue models. AlphaBioGel (PG-003) increase cell adhesion, cell-to-cell communication and
differentiation. AlphaBioGel (PG-003) fibrous proteins fill the interstitial space and act as a compression
buffer against the stress placed on the 3D tissue model, while helping cells build strong basement
membranes. In terms of wound healing, AlphaBiogel (PG-003) has two main purposes. First, it prevents
the immune system from triggering from the injury and responding with inflammation and scar tissue.
Next, it facilitates the surrounding cells to repair the tissue instead of forming scar tissue. AlphaBioGel
(PG-003) can also be used to support 3D cell culture in vitro for modeling tumor development.
Everything should be kept cold to avoid the AlphaBioGel (PG-003) from solidifying. Avoid air
bubbles. This protocol is based on 6- well plate usage.
Thaw your AlphaBioGel (PG-003) sample bottle at room temp or in a 37ºC water bath, invert
product while thawing. When you see a small amount of ice left in your sample, transfer the
bottle into an ice bath. It is important to keep AlphaBioGel (PG-003) on ice since it will
solidify at temperatures above 8ºC.

1) Place a sterile magnetic stir bar in a sterile beaker.
2) Place plate containing ice on a stir plate.
3) Place the sterile beaker containing the stir bar on the ice bath.
4) Pour the AlphaBioGel into the beaker carefully, try to avoid air bubbles.
5) Slowly start stirring AlphaBioGel (PG-003)
6) Add your wanted media to the AlphaBioGel (PG-003) Judge the pH visually by the phenol red
in the media then add your cell suspension.
7) Pipette your wanted volume of the mixture into each well.
8) Let 6-well plate sit at room temp for 10-15 minute before placing in the incubator.
9) 1 Hour later add your wanted volume of media on top of each AlphaBioGel (PG-003) (2-
10) Use within 1 week, change media every 2 days or as needed.