Anti-Rabbit Beads (5ml)


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Catalog #AP B0003-5
Size: 5ml
Anti-Rabbit Beads contains sepharose beads coated with goat anti-rabbit IgG, for purification of rabbit
IgG class of antibodies or proteins with affinity to goat anti-rabbit IgG. The goat anti-rabbit IgG is affinity
purified and conjugated to the beads at 1-1.5 mg/ml ratio. This product can be used for 100-200 times.
For frequent use, an aliquot can be stored at 4ºC for 1 month with addition of 0.02% sodium azide (NaN3)
to the storage buffer. It may also be used for immunoprecipitation (IP).
Note: 20% ethanol was contained as protection solution in this product, please wipe off the ethanol
before use.
Anti-Rabbit Beads Specifications
Matrix: CNBr-activated SepharoseTM4FF
Beads concentration: 1-1.5 mg/ml
Coupling conditions of matrix: pH 7-9, 4°C to 25°C, 2-16 h
Binding capacity: 4-7 mg IgG per ml
Bead size range: 45–165 ?m
Mean bead size: 90 ?m
Bead structure: Highly cross-linked agarose, 4%
Max. flow rate: 4 ml/min/cm2
Recommended flow rate: 1-3 ml/min/cm2
Stability of the matrix: pH 3-11 (ligand dependent)
Storage: Store at 4? for frequent use, at -20? for at least one year