Chick Embryo Extract, Ultrafiltrate, Membrane Filtered

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Catalog # RG-4920 & RG-4100

Product Format: Clear, pale Yalow solution

Storage: 40C to Room Temperature

Chick Embryo Extract description:

Chick embryo extract has been widely employed as a growth-promoting supplement in cell culture medium component, used in the supplementation of certain growth media formulations. Save time and money by purchasing a quality-assured product from us.

Chick Embryo Extract Application:

Applications Successful in vitro cultivation of rat neural crest stem cells (NCSC) and other neural explants requires a specific neural crest stem cell medium (NCSCM). Supplementation with CEE provides a source of essential growth factors. In addition, CEE has successfully been used in the expansion of many specific stem cell types and has demonstrated the ability to facilitate DNA demethylation. Further examples of how CEE has been used in research applications.


CEE undergoes stringent Quality Assurance Tested to ensure that the product is negative for bacteria, yeast, and fungi. Extracts are tested by assaying the growth and the differentiation of mouse muscle cells. Complete results are reported on the Certificate of Analysis supplied with each batch.


PRODUCT: Chick Embryo Extract

Ultrafiltrate, Membrane Filtered

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Appearance Clear, pale yellow solution
pHSterility per 9 CFR 113.26Measure & Record
Mycoplasma per 9 CFR 113.26NEGATIVE
Total Protein0.0 g/dL
Osmolality260-360 mosm/KgH20

Storage: 40C to Room TemperatureMinimum Recommended Expiration Date: January, 2021


Clear, pale yellow solution6.88NEGATIVENEGATIVENEGATIVE0.0 g/dL294

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RG-4100, RG-4920


100ml, 20ml

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