Collagen Type II Fragment Trifluoroacetate


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Product Name : Collagen Type II Fragment Trifluoroacetate

These synthetic oligopeptides correspond to a region of high amino-acid sequence similarity between uteroglobin and lipocortin I. They possess a potent anti-inflammatory activity in vivo and are strong inhibitors of phospholipase A? (PLA?) in vitro. The name ‘antiflammins’ is proposed for these peptides, which are a valuable model for the development of novel anti-inflammatory agents of therapeutic importance. See also Cortistatin-29, H-6458, and Thymic Factor, H-4865.
The collagen II fragment PTGPLGPKGQTGELGA-Hyp-GNKGEQGPK, a peptide analog of an antigenic determinant of type II collagen, prevents the onset of collagen-induced arthritis in vivo.
Protein/peptide nameCollagen Type II Fragment Trifluoroacetate
Protein synonymsHyp261,Asn263)-Collagen Type II (245-270),(Ala260
CAS No.144703-90-2
MDL No.MFCD00236928
Molecular weight2488.74
Molecular formulaC???H???N??O??
Storage conditions–20 ± 5 °C