Collagen Type IV alpha3 Chain (185-203)


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Product Name : Collagen Type IV alpha3 Chain (185-203)

The collagen IV fragment CNYYSNSYSFWLASLNPER inhibits the activation of polymorphonuclear leukocytes. It promotes adhesion of human melanoma cells and inhibits their proliferation by 40%. These properties appear to be dependent on the presence of the triplet sequence -Ser-Asn-Ser- (residues 189-191), which is unique in the ?3 chain and may represent an important functional epitope.
Protein/peptide nameCollagen Type IV alpha3 Chain (185-203)
CAS No.157802-35-2
MDL No.MFCD02264433
Molecular weight2314.52
Molecular formulaC???H???N??O??S
Storage conditions–20 ± 5 °C