Mouse Recombinant ACRP30headless


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Product Name : Mouse Recombinant ACRP30headless

Produced in HEK 293 cells. The collagen domain of mouse ACRP30 (aa 18-111) is fused at the N-terminus to a linker peptide (8 aa) and a FLAG®-tag.
Protein/peptide nameACRP30 headless
Protein/peptide typeRecombinant
Endotoxin content\<0.1EU/µg purified protein (LAL test; Bio Whittaker).
Purity>90% (SDS-PAGE)
Concentration0.1mg/ml after reconstitution.
FormulationLyophilized. Contains PBS.
Reconstitution instructionsReconstitute with 100µl sterile water. Further dilutions should be made with medium containing 5% fetal calf serum or a carrier protein.