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  1. Regeneration Biology MTM is an FDA Cleared Microbial nucleic acid storage and stabilization device. It inactivates microbes (to include SARS-CoV-2), stabilizes RNA/DNA, and is on the US FDA list of primary sample collection devices for SARA-CoV-2 molecular testing. Manufacturer:  Regeneration Biology MTM RG.1705


  • Regeneration Biology MTM is the only FDA Cleared (cleared in 2018) Molecular
  • Transport Medium for respiratory samples suspected of harboring influenza or TB.
  • Considered by US FDA as a primary sample collection device for SARS-CoV-2.
  • Regeneration Biology collected samples enable safe handling for both points of care and in the laboratory–since the entire sample is n inactivated/killed including SARS-CoV-2 and more resilient microbes like gram positives, etc.
  • Once a swab or biofluid is added to Regeneration Biology the user has a “snapshot” in time for that sample.
  • The DNA, and more importantly the labile RNA is preserved/stabilized.
  • Groups all over the United States, Europe, and Africa/Asia use Regeneration Biology to move and transport samples across borders using NORMALFedExX and UPS shipping.
  • Since the pathogens collected are eliminated, the samples can be shipped using routine boxing/shipping methods.
  • Samples in Regeneration Biology can be shipped with NO COLD CHAIN, no wet or dry ice.
  • Samples do not have to be pre-processed in BLS-III or even BLS-II safety levels.
  • Safe or normal technician testing.
  • The collected sample in Regeneration Biology can be used reused several times for additional testing.
  • Many Labs use the first sampling for detection by qPCR and the second for NGS or gene sequencing.
  • Regeneration Biology MTM was designed to be compatible with all Qiagen-based extraction systems benchtop and high throughput liquid handling systems). It works with the Thermo Scientific MagMax, Roche MAGNA PURE, or almost all DNA/RNA liquid handling extraction systems.
  • The medium if in cryotubes can be frozen at ultra-low for biobanking or simply stored in the refrigerator (since the medium is safely preserving the collected sample).

MTM Molecular Transport Media 5000mL Specifications


For Use With (Application) Molecular Testing-Clinical Color Clear
Packaging Cryotube Quantity 1 bottle
Item Description 5000 ml Storage Requirements Ambient
Transport Temperature Ambient Fill Volume 5000 ml
Certifications/Compliance FDA Cleared Tube Size 5000 mL