Anti-CD99 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody


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Product Name : Anti-CD99 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

Recognizes a sialoglycoprotein of 27-32 kDa, identified as CD99, or MIC2 gene product, or E2 antigen. MIC2 gene is located in the pseudo-autosomal region of the human X and Y chromosome. MIC2 gene encodes two distinct proteins, which are produced by alternative splicing of the CD99 gene transcript and are identified as bands of 30 and 32 kDa (p30/32).Although its function is not fully understood, CD99 is implicated in various cellular processes including homotypic aggregation of T cells, upregulation of T cell receptor and MHS molecules, apoptosis of immature thymocytes and leukocyte diapedesis. CD99 is expressed on the cell membrane of some lymphocytes, cortical thymocytes, and granulosa cells of the ovary. Most pancreatic islet cells, Sertoli cells of the testis, and some endothelial cells express this antigen. Mature granulocytes express very little or no CD99. MIC2 is strongly expressed on Ewing’s sarcoma cells and primitive peripheral neuroectodermal tumors.
Antigen symbolCD99
Antigen nameCD99 antigen
Antibody typePrimary
Gene ID4267
IsotypeIgG1 kappa
ImmunogenRecombinant full-length human MIC2 protein
PurificationProtein A/G purification
Storage temperature-20 °C
Shipping temperatureGel pack