Tissue Plasminogen Activator, Human


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Product Name : Tissue Plasminogen Activator, Human

Native tissue plasminogen activator from a human melanoma cell line.
  • Prepared from cell line that has been shown by certified tests to be negative for HBsAg and for antibodies to HIV and HCV
  • A serine protease that contains a single chain of 527 amino acids
  • Binds to fibrin via lysine binding sites at its amino terminus and activates bound plasminogen
  • Cleaves plasminogen to form active plasmin, the proteolytic enzyme that dissolves clots
  • Lyophilized from 100 mM PBS, 3.5 mg/mL L-arginine, 0.001% Tween®-80 detergent
Purity: ?95% by SDS-PAGE
Specific Activity: ?300 KU/mg protein